Thursday, May 1, 2008

Your store on your blog

Look on the right side of this page. See the "E-commerce solutions" section with the ProductCart logos? It's here not to promote my company (I promise), but rather to show you a (cool) little tool that we recently developed at Early Impact.

It allows you to very easily and quickly take some products from your store catalog, and show them on your blog (or other Web pages not related to your store).
  • If you are a ProductCart user, learn more here about the E-Commerce Widget For Blogs
  • If you don't use ProductCart, ask your e-commerce provider if they have something similar or if they can create it in the near future. It's not that difficult to design and it can be quite helpful.

How it works
For the techies out there: we like Adobe's SPRY framework for AJAX quite a bit and our E-commerce Widget for Blogs was created leveraging SPRY. Among other things, the built-in pagination is really cool, in my view (the widget on this page has 2 pages, for example).

Blogging and e-commerce
If you have a Web store, and still don't have a blog, consider adding one. Blogging can help you grow sales in a variety of ways, from better organic search engine rankings (search engines typically love blogs since they're mostly text), to further establishing yourself as a go-to place in your industry, to creating a more personal relationship with your customers.

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